«L’eau repousse les feux agressifs» Is a compilation released on the label “Mama told ya”, by Anetha.
It is the first of a series focused on the four elements.
Starting with Water, the compilation comes up with
the collaboration of 18 artists, who then produced
16 tracks, divided into 4 vinyls.
The artwork was made with close attention to Anetha’s vision for this compilation.
As described by her;
“The artworks is a version of the world through an aquatic 3D prism in which only the fragments of a boiling underwater volcano remain.”
This compilation includes tunes by — Anetha, Croatian Amor & Varg2tm, X-Coast, ABSL, UF095, Tommy Holohan, Sugar, Ryan James Ford, Rhys Jelson, quest?onmarc, Le Dom, Less Distress, Jardin & Certain Smith, Emma DJ, Isabella and Fakethias.

"Drama compilation.