HÖR is a music platform run on human curation.  The stream invites labels,  collectives and DJs to play a mix, while aspiring to create a globally accessible music community.
My work with HÖR is an ongoing collaboration. As the platform developed and astablished it’s unique fingerprint, I had the opportiunity to create a visual expression to HÖR‘s identity.

As part of Highsnobiety's "BERLIN, BERLIN"- a limited-edition capsule collection was created through a collaboration between myself, Crocs and HÖR.

The limited edition clog was brought to life with the help of a music visualizer and a digital sublimation machine. as the music plays, the print takes form, every shift in the bass correlates to a shift in the final print design.

The generative pattern seen in the visualizer is created by a node network specifically developed for the event. The pattern dynamically takes shape in real-time by the sounds of a HÖR dj set performed by artist Jing Lekker.

Snippet of the visuliser & HÖR dj set performed by artist Jing Lekker. ↘

"Drama compilation.