HÖR is a music platform run on human curation.  The stream invites labels,  collectives and DJs to play a mix, while aspiring to create a globally accessible music community.
My work with HÖR is an ongoing collaboration. As the platform developed and astablished it’s unique fingerprint, I had the opportiunity to create a visual expression to HÖR‘s identity.
My work with HÖR is an ongoing collaboration,
our projects together include an exlusive broadcast that emerged thanks to a collaboration between HÖR & HIGH SNOBIETY during BERLIN, BERLIN — a week-long virtual celebration of creativity in the city Highsnobiety calls home.
I have created and performed live visuals during this event. 
Another event is 2022&2023 NYE, in which HÖR radio produces an all-nighter live stream, providing a soundtrack to everyone’s festivities.
I produced the visuals that filled the space during this special broadcast.
Documented sets and live visuals performed during BERLIN, BERLIN.
Dcumentation of the full NYE stream↓

Video outtakes of the visulas created for HÖR‘s NYE stream. →

Still outtakes of the visulas created during the projects. ↘

"Drama compilation.