Knobbly studio is an independent jewelry brand by designer Gittit Szwarc,  located in Tel Aviv.
During the globle pandemic, I teamed up with the studio to create an AR filter which will allow customers to try on the new collection without having to leave their homes during lockdown.

This face filter simulates wearing the real earrings that are now available to purchase, in a way that is both informative and expressive of the story behind the jewelry piece itself.

The featured earring is a fluted three-quarter hoop form, made to hold a few drops of perfume. Mismatched pair with a funnel charm. The perfume earring is hollow with a ball end that unscrews. Tiny hidden perforations allow the scent to surround you.

In this AR filter, I worked to express this tangible piece and the sensory experience it triggers to the digital medium. 

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